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Values Of FRP Fence
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Material characteristics:

• high strength • weight light • resistance to corrosion • insulation • flame retardant • non-electric magnetic • thermal expansion coefficient low • low temperature performance good • resistance to aging • design strong • aesthetic appearance.

Application scope:

, aerospace/military, automotive, building/construction, chemical processing, consumer goods, cooling tower, electric power, electrical, food and beverage, infrastructure, Marine/terminal, medical, mining, oil/gas exploration, petrochemical industry, pollution control, power generation/transmission facilities, paper industry, rail transportation, entertainment, communication, theme park, show business, transportation, water/wastewater treatment

FRP handrails FRP handrails, according to the purposes are divided into highway railway FRP handrails, municipal FRP handrails, stadium FRP handrails, FRP bridge parapet, prison FRP cars, FRP handrails in residential area, the stadium fence, flowers guardrail, the airport FRP handrails.

Product advantages: 1. Simple grid structure, good anti-corrosion and practical 2. Easy to transport, installation is not subject to topographic relief. 3. Especially for mountain, sloping and curved areas. 4. Low price, suitable for large area adoption.

Glass reinforced plastic guardrail is the structure of the extruded glass steel profile, and the glass reinforced plastic mould is composed of the connecting combination, which ACTS as protection and protection.

FRP handrails of lightweight, high strength, ageing resistance, strong corrosion resistance will not rust, painted, long life, without hot during construction, non-conductive, no static, use won't because of the impacts of edm, cutting easy installation, use for a long time no maintenance to reduce the cost, without external decoration form sceneries of their own, good comprehensive benefits. Widely used in oil, chemical industry, mining, electric power, Marine exploration, electroplating, ship, water and wastewater treatment, papermaking, wine making, pharmaceutical and other industries, is an ideal product for corrosion resistance.

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