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There Is A Difference Between The FRP And The Common Tree
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The treetop strainer is a plank installed in a tree pit with a variety of Spaces to allow water to pass through. Its main function is to protect the trees, while also facilitating the passage of water and convenient irrigation. The commonly used tree pond comb is made of glass steel grille.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic tree pool perforated strainer adopts the method of one-time molding, form a grid structure, installation within the buffalos can make water and water flow through the convenient, easy to absorb moisture, but also can ensure free tree roots to absorb nutrients and underground camp material.

Due to the application of FRP application environment is quite different, thus it can be according to different application environment, the corresponding packing is added in the production process, to meet a variety of performance requirements, thus it has the traditional material did not have various advantages, it also makes its service life than ordinary steel long a lot.

Tree pool perforated strainer manufacturers on the market is very at present much, and every tree pool perforated strainer factory product quality is different, in the face of fierce market competition, every tree pool manufacturer of perforated strainer in improving the quality of the products at the same time, also in the tree pool perforated strainer price adjustments, many tree pool perforated strainer manufacturers begin to pool perforated strainer wholesale.

Advantages of FRP:

1. Can protect the trees to grow well, prevent soil erosion and stabilize the soil around the trees.

2. The high safety performance is different from that of the cast iron tree pit. The glass steel has almost no recycling value, so it will not be stolen.

3. Cutting, handling and installation are very convenient and easy to fix.

4. High light quality, no need to change regularly, save resources, can be designed and widely used.

5. The special structure makes the irrigation efficiency of the staff greatly improved, and the labor intensity is reduced greatly, and the maintenance cost of the trees is reduced.

6. It has solved the environmental problems of urban wind sand and dust, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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