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Main Purpose Of Sewage Treatment Plant Grille Cover Plate
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The first is the paving material for the operation platform of the sewage treatment plant. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, no paint, no maintenance, light weight and long service life. It is the ideal pavement material for the operating platform.

The second is the sewage treatment plant walkway. Factories (such as chemical plants, steel mills, etc.) often have many aisles for inspection. These walkways are usually welded with round steel, and corrosion is often used every year as an anticorrosion coating. Using FRP grilles to make these walkways without maintenance and processing, they can make the aisles long and colorful, and make the corridors light and light.

Third, the sewage treatment plant grille trench cover plate. Chemical processing workshops of many chemical plants, smelting plants and power plants; Electroplating plant, battery factory, mechanical plant acid cleaning workshop; Pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory, salt and so on all have a lot of cooking, cooking is more corrosive liquid, traditional cooking useful Angle steel, flat iron, cast iron welding of gratings, cement plate, etc., these materials are not corrosion resistant, many years, few months which was damaged, rendering fragmented appearance in the workshop, using the sewage treatment plant grille plate can well solve the problem of corrosion, facilitate sewage discharged into the ditch at the same time, also easy to observe in the gutter.

Four is in sewage treatment, sewage treatment plant grille plate can be used as a cooling tower under the operating platform of pavement material, can be used as a raw water tank cremation hanging fixture, also can be used for sewage treatment maintenance walkways.

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