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How To Identify The Quality Of The FRP Extruder?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. Where is the manufacturer: in the whole country, the quality of the glass grating is not in accordance with the price in different regions. The price of extruded sections from south to north is gradually decreasing, and it is distributed in three steps: south, central and north. The quality is in direct proportion to the price.

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2. Raw material ingredients: in the industry standard, the raw materials of glass steel grill are natural resin, glass fiber, packing and so on. Common manufacturers follow 196 natural resin, medium alkali glass fiber, calcium powder; Some manufacturers are almost natural resin, using high - alkali glass fiber. The better raw materials are epoxy natural resin, alkali - free glass fiber, hydrogen - oxygen gasified aluminum, etc.

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3. The formula ratio: this is said to the proportion of natural resin and filling ratio, normal proportion of 1:1 or 1-0. 9, some manufacturer is 1:1. 25. It is conceivable that natural resin 13000 yuan/ton, 300 yuan/ton packing such as calcium powder, proportion slightly debugging, the price will drop down.

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4. Whether there is any third party certification: the general manufacturer is qualified for the quality, and after the inspection, there will be a product qualification certificate and quality inspection report.

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So, when the customers are buying FRP pultrusion profiles, must pay attention to, not all of the FRP pultrusion profiles are enhanced, expect to find cost-effective, real products.

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