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How To Do Well The Safety Training For Employees And Improve Their Safety Consciousness?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

As we all know, the accident of safety production is a gradual process. It is an important means to take effective measures to prevent the accumulation of the quantity by taking effective measures after the accumulation of the quantity is reached to a certain extent. As the saying goes, "all things stand up and do not have to be abandoned". It is necessary to make a good job of safe production. It is necessary to make many effective work in peacetime. It is the key to improve the safety consciousness of the staff and workers. Safety awareness and quality improvement, safety training education is the most effective way. Through the "fresh" safety training education, we can effectively improve the safety awareness and quality of employees, constantly strengthen the awareness of safety accidents, and truly implement the "safety first, prevention mainly" in place, effectively control and reduce the safety accidents, ensure the safe production of enterprises.

One, the role of safety training education

Safety training education refers to all kinds of propaganda, education and training activities for strengthening the awareness and quality of employees' safety and improving the level of employees' safety skills. The function of safety training is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, safety training education is an effective means for enterprises to control accidents. According to the principle of "the key minority and the minor majority" in statistics, only a few of the main factors which cause a certain result are found, and the key projects have been found, and the main contradictions are caught. Because most of the accidents are caused by people's unsafe behavior, so the safety awareness and quality of workers are improved through safety training and education, which can eliminate illegal operations and reduce operation errors, thus reducing the incidence of accidents.

2, safety education is a permanent measure for enterprise safety work.

The safety training and education can not only improve the safety consciousness and quality of the staff and workers, enhance the sense of responsibility and consciousness of the workers' safety work, but also increase the safety knowledge and operation skills of the staff and workers, and realize the change of "I am safe" to "I want safety, I will be safe, I understand safety", and fundamentally improve people Safety and reliability. At the same time, employees with strong sense of responsibility and high technology can also discover and eliminate hidden dangers in time, eliminate the unsafe state of things and improve the reliability of materials. Therefore, safety training and education can play a role in the accident.

3, safety training education is the basic work of enterprise safety culture construction. Safety culture construction is the foundation for enterprises to maintain long-term and stable production safety situation and achieve sustainable development strategy. The safety culture construction of the enterprise must rely on the safety training and education. Through various forms of publicity and education, it can not only improve the safety consciousness and safety skill level of the staff and workers, but also enable the employees to set up the correct safety values and safety standards, and provide the spiritual and intellectual support for the construction of the enterprise's safety culture.

4, safety training education is the premise for enterprises to create economic benefits. The production and operation of enterprises is centered on economic benefits, and so is safety work. The investment in safety training education mainly involves equipping, establishing safety education room, purchasing propaganda materials, holding safety training courses and carrying out safety activities. It is not like equipment renewal, security facilities, and the cost of investment is relatively small. From the perspective of economics, it has a higher "input-output ratio".

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