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Glass Steel Grille Is Used In Which Fields
- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. Trench cover.

Many chemical plants, smelters electrolytic plant, power plant, chemical processing workshop, electroplating factory, storage battery factory, machinery factory of pickling plant, pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory, salt and so on all have a lot of cooking, the use of FRP FRP grating is a good way to solve the problem of corrosion, facilitate sewage discharged into the ditch at the same time, also easy to observe in the gutter.

2. Sewage treatment

In the aspect of sewage treatment, FRP glass steel grille can be used as the paving material for the operating platform under the cooling tower, which can be used as the hanging tool of the biochemical water treatment tank, and also can be used as the maintenance walkway of the sewage treatment plant.

3. Double floor

There are many corrosive workshops, and the traditional operation mode is the operation personnel, finished products, waste liquid, waste residue on different ground, which has a lot of inconveniences, easy to cause the damage of anti-corrosion ground. In entity concept of double grating surface on the ground, the upper is composed of FRP type of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, the lower substrate surface for the building, the operator in walking on the grating surface, finished goods can be put on the grating surface, and waste liquid and waste residue, can row to the lower substrate surface, homework finished strong sprinkler irrigation are available, and clear the ground clutter, convenient for operation worker already so, also facilitate management inspection work.

4. Operating platform

Chemical plant has a large number of operating platform, the platform of pavement materials using FRP FRP gratings is reasonable, FRP FRP grating corrosion resistance, no paint, no maintenance, long service life and can be used for 20 years, light weight, compared with the steel, reduce weight 3/4, so you do not need to raise hoisting equipment when installed, and also can be compensated by a support member, for direct support on equipment operation platform, and is more suitable.

5. Tower platform

Either double tower body platform, the twin towers or multiple tower body platform, are supported on the tower body, the platform of ceiling material is commonly pattern steel or steel plate net, adopting FRP grating instead they can greatly reduce weight, reduce the load on the tower body.

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