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Glass Reinforced Plastic Mark Pile Is Light
- Apr 10, 2018 -

A project may require a large number of warning posts, and only transportation takes a long time, not to say that installation is more time-consuming. The production of glass fiber reinforced plastic signs pile, about this problem with ease, this kind of material of warning pile is only about one over ten of the concrete, steel, a quarter, quality is a big advantage.

From the purchase to the installation process, it is necessary to transport from the manufacturer to the used site, and the warehouse may also be used for placement. This requires a lot of work, and the light weight reduces the intensity of labor and speeds up the labor efficiency. It can also make the installation easier and speed up the progress of the project. In addition, it has other special attractions.

1. High strength, strong impact resistance and strong bearing capacity, even under strong impact, it is not easy to change.

2, beautiful and easy, its appearance and color is very beautiful, and colorful and varied, for users to choose, can also be customized according to the requirements of the needs of the user or the environment of different colors, not easy fade, without user again for later maintenance.

3. The corrosion resistance of FRP is strong, which can withstand different degrees of chemical corrosion, and the water absorption rate of FRP is low, which also makes it possible to be used in many environments without corrosion.

4. Aging resistance and long use time.

5. The characters on the pile are printed with advanced laser printing and screen printing technology, and the words can be kept for a longer period of time, which will not fade and fall off, which is better to serve as a warning protection.

6. Insulation, flame retardant, strong environmental adaptability, more safe and reliable in use.

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