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Advantages Of Using FRP Grating Reinforced Plastics Grille In Circulating Water Field
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Steel grilles are often used to separate the solid from the liquid under the water tower of the circulating water field to prevent the accumulation of suspended solids in the circulating water. The steel grille is mostly set up in two or three ways. * the outer pores are large. It is used to intercept large impurities in water. The second pores are small to play the role of fine filtration. Steel grilles are usually made of steel and gantry frames are often installed on the steel grille workbench to facilitate maintenance and lifting. After field investigation, it was found that The surface of steel grille is generally corroded seriously, which affects normal use and service life of components.

Corrosion analysis of steel grille

(1) evaporating and concentrating the circulating cooling water in circulation. The concentration of salt in water increases gradually. On the other hand, some salts are deposited due to over saturation, which makes the components scale.

(2) the loss of CO2 caused by the spray of water in the cooling tower aggravates the precipitation of CaCO2 in water. Meanwhile, the increase of O2 in water also contributes to the corrosiveness of water.

(3) A variety of impurities in the atmosphere (such as dust, suspended solids, etc.) as well as cooling tower fan oil leakage, exfoliation will also enter the water.

(4) when cooling water is added into the treatment process, it will precipitate.

(5) microorganism reproduction and its secretions will form sticky dirt in the system.

The corrosion of recycled Lingchi water to metals is mainly caused by electrochemical corrosion, sediments and microorganisms will cause electrochemical corrosion of metals, corrosion will produce sediments and promote the reproduction of microorganisms. Therefore, microorganism, sediment and corrosion three interact with each other and transform each other.

When steel grille is exposed to air for a long time or under water without effective protection, the surface will rust. Especially because of the change of water level, the steel grille is often in a wet-dry alternating environment, and there are various chemical media in air or water, which is easier to produce electrochemical action. At the same time, water is used as a medium for corrosion. With the increase of the flow rate, the corrosion rate increases faster with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the working environment of the grille determines that its corrosion is more serious, the damage caused by metal corrosion, so that the component material itself in its shape, color and performance are damaged, affecting the normal use.

Due to the existence of corrosive liquids and gases, the metals in these areas are rapidly corroded. Although anticorrosive coatings and other measures are taken, the corrosion of the components is still very alarming. It not only causes bad production environment, but also affects the safety of production. Sometimes it is necessary to stop production and maintenance. In these areas, FRP grilles are used. As a structural material can play a very good effect, it has a long life, low cost, safe and reliable, no maintenance, as well as beautiful and generous a series of advantages.

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