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The application of FRP grating
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Water treatment: repair walkway, sewer cover plate, large container, washer, drain grating, flume, biochemical water treatment tank hang, ventilated window, stair, cooling tower operation table.

Chemical plant: stair board, operation platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover, filter grid.

Petroleum industry: offshore oil platform.

Textile mills: replace metal grille, wooden platform and cover concrete floor, floater, floor, near the valve and so on.

Power plant: chemical water workshop trench cover, waste water pool, etc.

Metal surface treatment: acid wash place, machine around replace wood floor, high corrosive container, electroplating line corridor, double floor.

Marine food processing plant: greasy surface and other harsh environment, ship.

Transportation: platform, ship deck, walkway, military minesweeper, stair board.

Beverage industry: stair board, replace expensive stainless steel, have load floor.

Paper pulp and processing plant: stair board and floor, floor corridor, high humidity.

Electronic industry: trench cover, acid cleaning workshop, antistatic (antistatic grid) and high cleanliness workshop.

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