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Quality identification of glass steel grille
- Apr 10, 2018 -

A. selection of raw materials.

FRP gratings used raw materials for resin, glass fiber reinforced plastic filaments, filling calcium powder in the proportion of: configuration, high quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille USES high quality resin, unsaturated phthalate resins 196, colorless transparent. Low viscosity, low heat release, low shrinkage, high speed curing, high speed compatibility, bright gloss. The glass steel grating produced is smooth and smooth, with good gloss, strong intensity and a certain toughness. If you use inferior resin will be opposite inferior resin turbidity, high viscosity, high heat, high shrinkage, curing is relatively slow, compatibility is poor, also produced more than porosity of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, easy to fracture, strength and poor toughness is bad.

It is the fiberglass fiber that can enhance the toughness of the grille. High quality glass fiber reinforced plastic fibre type such as non-alkali glass fiber reinforced plastic fibre strength higher than that of steel wire has a certain toughness, chemical stability, good weatherability, almost not bibulous encounters fire burning, his high strength can also be used as a tyre cord. The fiberglass fiber of sitong company is laid in 8-9 layers, so the product strength is guaranteed. And some manufacturers use the fiberglass fiber silk is the high alkali silk to act as the alkali free silk, the high alkali silk strength is low, the water resistance alkalinity is poor.

Powdered aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic grille padding is calcium, high quality fine filler powder, white with flame retardant, complete fusion with resin, to produce the board color beautiful, transparency, good toughness. On the contrary, the poor quality of the filling powder is coarse and dull, not flame retardant, the production of the board has no gloss, relatively brittle and toughness.

B. Comparison of finished products.

High quality glass fiber reinforced plastic grille product appearance has no obvious cracks, porosity is also less, pure bright color, good transparency, have a certain strength, toughness good surface finish, long service life; And the inferior glass steel grille product appearance has the crack, the stoma is more, the color is not pure glossiness is not enough. Its service life is also shorter.

C. practice is the only standard time for testing truth and the most fair judge.

FRP gratings in actual use will be exposed in the process of his real strength, high-quality FRP grating using a few years later color a little dim, the whole board is in good condition, no obvious damage, poor quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, yield to the test of practice, use a few years later can appear the obvious damage such as corrosion fracture porosity, the board is not so smooth, the color degradation of serious, overall aging, general FRP gratings is to use the 20 years, but two years later, the inferior glass fiber reinforced plastic grille can appear the overall aging phenomenon, thus will bring huge losses.

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