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How to deal with Phenolic Grating ​
- May 03, 2018 -

How to deal with Phenolic Grating

Grating is a type of constructional product that is specially designed with regular spaces, essentially parallel or identical. By installing two or more sets of the grating, it can also be used as mesh or grid.

Grating generally comes in 122 cm X 244 cm or 61 cm X 244 cm panels. These panels can be used to build footbridges, walkways etc. The manufacturer can use steel or aluminum for making this type of product. But they mainly prefer to manufacture fiberglass grating. As products made of FRP can be easily customized in desired colors or shape.

What is Phenolic Grating?

This is one of the best alternatives over metal grating. The product is best to use where the conventional product cannot be used. The phenolic grating can stand direct flame and high temperature. These are the features make this product ideal to install in offshore areas like marine industry or in transportation sectors.

The outer portion of this grating is laminated with Phenolic resin. This is the main reason why this product is also called phenolic grating system. Due to this coating, the product is fire resistant and ensures maximum strength.

This type of grating can span up to 70 percent over the equivalent size of steel grating. On the other hand, it returns to its original shape if the design of the load gets exceeded. It is over 65 percent lighter in weight over steel bars. Due to its light weight feature, this type of product can be easily installed with regular hand tools and minimum workers.

The load bars of this grating system are generally broader than the metal grating. As a result, it is less fatiguing over the conventional steel or aluminum bar grating. The product is also not sharp like serrated surface grating so it provides an anti-slip surface for walking. It also helps to reduce the chances of accidental falling.

Advantages of Using Phenolic Grating

  1. Corrosion resistance

  2. light

  3. high strength

  4. Anti ultraviolet

  5. Flame retardant

    Impact resistance, maintenance free, easy to process, antiskid safety, insulation insulation and so on.

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