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Installation method of glass steel grille
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The laying of glass steel grille can be laid by special equipment modified by tractor or car. Glass fiber grating products per roll film marked with orange and blue marking is at each end, before start laying, should choose plastic face, determine the tag color each at one end, to facilitate the construction without glue set wrong. When laid of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, should maintain its smooth, tighten, both sides aligned, can be used to do flat level, the tension of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille with effective, after the shop with a clean steel roller rolling again. It is the glass reinforced plastic grill clean and bright, more colorful.

There are two kinds of glass grating with self-adhesive tape and no self-adhesive tape. The self-adhesive can be laid directly on the flat base, and the stainless steel ring and steel fastening method are usually used without self-adhesive. Ordinary road sections are made of glass fiber gratings without self-adhesive. The required materials are:

The fixed stainless steel card rings of 50 x 50 x 0.3mm are required to be flat and not warped.

2 inch steel nails.

Using fixed steel or stainless steel nail card tour DE France FRP grating, first the end clamp ring and steel nail fixed in the spill cloth glued layer asphalt on the base of the steel nail hammer and nail into. Then the grille is lengthened and fixed, each length is 2~5m. It can also be segmented according to the spacing of the indentation, and the position of the steel nail is located at the gap of the joint. When the grid is tight, the fiberglass is straight and tight.

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