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How to choose glass grating?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. Make sure that the fiberglass grille is used for what it is used to do, which is to specify its use target. For example, the manufacturer of the car wash is to use the grille board as the loading plate for washing the car.

2. After determining the purpose of the FRP grating, it is time to determine the size and specification of the grille board used. Through the relevant introduction of the manufacturer, it is possible to have a certain understanding of the grille board. For example, in the car wash, you can choose a grille board with a thickness of 2.5cm or a grid plate with a thickness of 3.8cm. In the electroplating equipment factory, commonly used is the grating plate of 2.5cm thickness. In sewage treatment plants and chemical plants, it is usually 3.8cm thick.

3. After selecting the suitable thickness of the glass grating, the size of the grid plate should be calculated. In the car wash. The size of a car wash is 1.220m*2.440m, while the size of the fiberglass grille is 1.220*3.660, which needs to be cut before it can be put into use.

4, select the appropriate raw materials production meets the requirements of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate, such as used in the chemical plant or a sewage treatment plant of the grille plate, you need to choose higher corrosion resistance of resin for production.

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